Quality Control Manager

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Quality Control Manager
تفاصيل الوظيفة
Mission Essential is seeking a Quality Control (QC) Manager, reporting to the Senior Director of Compliance and responsible for management of the Task Order QC program. This position works directly with the Task Order Project Manager (TOPM), project staff and Linguists to promote overall QC of and standardization for processes, training, information management, reporting, performance management and continuous improvement. The QC Manager's focus is Task Order (TO)-wide uniformity and compliance with overall quality policies, procedures and processes. This position is contingent upon contract award.
Duties & Responsibilities
Manage TO QC activities; execute and update TO QC Plan
Facilitate implementation of contract-level and TO standards, processes, procedures
Schedule audits and inspections
Audit performance of OCONUS Linguist Life Cycle processes
Verify validity of LN testing and vetting activities
Monitor annual linguist re-testing
Perform evaluation of Linguist training process
Tailor standard processes to meet needs of TO
Enter and track issues in Corrective Action Request System to closure
Analyze QC data and compile QC monthly report data and information.
Responsible for implementation of task order Quality Control Plan (QCP)
Ensure QCP is reviewed, updated and approved by Government annually or as required
Ensure all service deliverables meet quality standards and performance requirements
Responsible for monitoring key aspects of program and contract management, including subcontractor management, recruiting and staffing, security management, and linguist support processes and procedures to ensure compliance with contract and TO requirements
Responsible for periodic, routine and scheduled inspections of all aspects of contract performance
Responsible for coordinating with program office staff on identified concerns or issues
Ensure corrective measures eliminate deficiencies and recurrence.
Recommend process improvements
Responsible for timely and accurate reporting on quality
Primary adviser to the TOPM on meeting all QC aspects of the TO requirements
Coordinate with the ACOR and Sr. Director, Compliance on implementation of the TO QC program
Coordinate with the TOPM for Site visits as applicable
Coordinate with the appropriate OCONUS staff sections to support the visit (logistics, transportation, billeting, etc.) and ensure the staff sections receiving the visit are prepared and have visibility on applicable processes, policies and SOPs
Establish clear and distinct goals to be accomplished during inspections and brief the TOPM on SAV team on the intent and reporting involved.
Submit inspection reports to the TOPM and other relevant stakeholders.
Maintain QC records to include schedules, compliance data, open action items and future projects
Conduct spot checks and follow ups on a scheduled and unscheduled basis, focusing on the areas of concern identified by the customer and Mission Essential management
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